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Advanced security solution for your device & network

Managed Security Services

We live in an age where threat to identity, data, devices and networks are more evolved and dangerous than ever before. Vulnerability in your device or network can cause serious issues with untold ramifications!

The Service is designed to bring optimum security for your daily needs where you get a blanket not only against the usual virus and web threats but against phishing scams, ransom ware, spyware, network intrusions and identity theft.

The program does much more than the conventional antivirus that only offers limited and impersonal security against threats. The MSS software combines a personalized security shield with the perfect blend of machine and human learning against cybercrime and digital threats.

Key highlights of MSS Software

  • Download and forget
  • Machine and human learning against cyber threats
  • Behavior monitoring stops unwanted system changes
  • Offer specialist account, relationship management service
  • Simplified Operations and super easy to install
  • Affordability and Accountability
  • Powered by Trend Micro™

Features of Managed Security Services

  • Centralized security system - Secure and manage all your devices from single console. A fully centralized and always up-to-date system to ensure complete protection
  • Multiple Devices & networks support - Secure your entire device ranging from desktops, laptops, tablets and phone in a single go
  • Real Time Threat Monitoring - Real time protection from multi device access and end-points, each time the software finds a threat emerging in your network or device
  • Predictive Machine Learning - MSS software keeps itself in sync with the global antivirus engine to detect any kind of threats or issues on the secured system.
  • Protection against Ransom ware and associated encryption threats
  • Web Reputation protection to block malicious web sites and similar web threats
  • Complete antivirus and antispyware scanning, protection and removal
  • Detection and removal of "Potentially Unwanted Programs" – Brower hijacks, malicious extensions
  • Behavior Monitoring to prevent a multitude of unwanted system changes by unauthorized access
  • Outbreak Prevention (OPP) to protect against new viruses and worms
  • Fully configurable Personal Firewall and Intrusion Detection system
  • Botnet protection
  • Rootkit protection to prevent viruses ‘hiding’ in your computers
  • Damage Clean-up Services (DCS) to repair damage caused by viruses and Trojans
  • Device Protection to control peripherals , USB / DVD usage
  • Automatic updates
  • Same-day free and unlimited Helpdesk support via chat, telephone or email (SoS app coming soon!)
  • Real-time email alerts for all virus & spyware detections for your staff and even your customers if requested

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